I offer these services for my clients. If you have any questions, feel free to ask via the Contact form.

Myofascial Therapy

I offer bodywork sessions in the style of myofascial therapy, which are based on the principles and teachings set forth by Ida P. Rolf, and the students who have advanced her work beyond its original conception. The sessions are customized to address the causative patterns of pain and dysfunction in both posture and movement in the body. Unlike a traditional Swedish Massage, where the focus of the session is to induce a neuro-muscular relaxation by squeezing and kneading the muscle bellies themselves, myofascial therapy focuses on increasing space potentials within the body by stretching, spreading, and lengthening the broad planes of connective tissues with long connecting strokes. This invokes an increase of awareness to the overall relationships between the various segments of the body. The sessions build progressively on one another and lead to a gradual unraveling intended to reveal the root causes of chronic pain and postural distortion. Surgical avoidance and post-surgical rehabilitation, chronic and acute pain reduction and elimination are just a few of the things this work has been proven to achieve.